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Researcher seeking to commercialise their research
Myrtleed Innovation partners with innovators and their companies to bring scientific discoveries out of the lab and into the world.

For the ultimate wellbeing of our planet.

With You, We 
Commercialise Your Technology.

Business Solutions.
For Technology Experts.

Market validation and business support to help you understand the commercial potential of your innovation and make the right decisions.

Assess the potential of your invention

A unique venture builder tailored for researchers seeking to commercialise their work, a team and first investment to get started. 

Build a new venture together with us

Operational business development and entrepreneurial support to help your research-based venture reach the next level, new leads, and funds.

Grow your deep tech startup 

Too often, innovative research stays confined to the lab. Our goal is to change that.

With a niche understanding of research commercialisation and entrepreneurial prowess, we're an operational resource for researchers, universities, newly formed spinouts, and deep-tech investors, providing the hands-on business expertise that is often needed at the earliest stages.

Deep Tech Entrepreneurs. 
From Lab to Market.

At Myrtleed Innovation, we are driven by a pursuit of innovation for the wellbeing of our planet and people, striving to create meaningful societal impact through science.


Together with you, we'll harness the power of research to shape a future that leaves a meaningful mark on the world.

Purposeful Impact.
Through Science.

Professional commercialising research and new technologies

We are continuously looking for talents and professionals with a profound interest in business, technology and our society.


Join a truly niche company, based in Stockholm, Sweden, helping technology experts commercialise next-generation inventions for the wellbeing of our planet and people.

Work With Us.

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