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An invention emerging into innovation
Myrtleed Innovation partners with visionaries and their ventures to bring scientific discoveries out of the lab and into the world.

For the ultimate wellbeing of our society.

Evolving Inventions Into Innovations.


Well-versed Business Experts with
Niche Technological Knowledge.

Commercialising deep tech requires entrepreneurs with niche technological- and business expertise. We’ve acquired this competence in-house to provide you with a treasure chest of human capital that waits to join your business adventure.

Deep Tech Entrepreneurs. On-Demand.

As institutional co-founders, we’re giving scientists and universities an additional commercialisation option. Our venture builder is tailored for researchers seeking to realise their discovery without becoming full-time entrepreneurs.

Institutional Co-Founder.
From Lab to Market.

As speciality consultants, we offer on-demand packaged solutions, embodying our expertise of bringing technological solutions to market within several different industries and application areas.

Business Services.


An Entrepreneurial Catalyst. 
To Support Innovation.

Research-based technological inventions hold the potential to tackle some of our most pressing societal challenges.

To turn inventions into innovations, it’s crucial to foster well-versed business professionals that are up for this complex task. That is why we exist.

At Myrtleed Innovation, we are driven by a pursuit of innovation for the wellbeing of our planet and people, striving to create meaningful societal impact through science.


Together with you, we'll harness the power of research to shape a future that leaves a meaningful mark on the world.

Purposeful Impact.
Through Science.

Deep tech consultant and expert on research commercialisation.

We are continuously looking for talents and professionals with a profound interest in business, technology and our society.


Join a truly niche company, based in Stockholm, Sweden, helping technology experts commercialise next-generation inventions for the wellbeing of our planet and people.

Work With Us.

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